Help Fresh Radio 104.5 Stuff the Santa Fe!!!

104.5 Fresh Radio & Seaway Hyundai

are asking for your help to

Stuff the Santa Fe


Stop by Seaway Hyundai

between Dec. 1st & Dec. 13th with a new, unwrapped toy & help us fill a 2020 Santa Fe until it is bursting with Christmas Cheer.


Once the Santa Fe is stuffed with toys,

Sparky will deliver them to deserving children in our community!


104.5 Fresh Radio and Santa Claus will be LIVE on location

at Seaway Hyundai on Saturday December 7th between 10a – 2p!

Bring your kids and unwrapped toys and help us spread Christmas cheer across Cornwall!



104.5 Fresh Radio & Seaway Hyundai

Stuff the Santa Fe

Sunday, December 1st – Friday, December 13th

(701 Rosemount Ave, Cornwall, ON)

Everyone should feel the joy of receiving a gift during the holidays.

Together We Can Make a Difference!