International Women’s Day Show

The Seeker Presents : Cornwall 2020 Virtual International Women’s Day Show happening Sunday May 31st from 12pm to 2pm

The organizers of Cornwall’s annual Women’s Day Show have come up with the perfect solution that still allows the International Women’s Day Show to take place.


By visiting the website that will host an interactive map of the virtual trade show, visitors will be able to click on each “booth” and be led to a live stream where the vendors will show their products and services, and answer questions.  Visitors will also be able to purchase items, participate in contests and even order from local eateries right from within the map, all from the comfort of their own home.

We’ve invited all the vendors who had registered for the physical show to partake in this event, and we’re opening it up to anybody who owns a business and wants to participate.”

Attend the virtual event for FREE.

There is absolutely no cost!

The event takes place Sunday May 31st from 12pm to 2pm.

You can see the registered vendors by visiting

“Please support our local small businesses by planning to attend the event on Sunday, May 31st,” from the organizers

“We’re all in this together!”