Coleman’s Mod & Repair

With the recent announcement of closures, we are considered an essential service and will remain open until further notice. We will be implementing strict measures to keep everyone safe and comfortable during this time.

– We will only allow 1 customer in the store at a time. To ensure this, we will be keeping the doors locked at all times. Please knock and we will let you in.

– Please remove all cases and/or accessories before entering the store. Leave them at home if possible. Only bring what is essential for your repair.

– There is a package of disposable disinfectant wipes as well as hand sanitizer at the check in counter. Please clean your device and hands as soon as you enter the store. We will not handle any device until this is done.

– We will be cleaning and disinfecting all counters, POS systems, door handles, etc. between customers in order to keep everything as sanitary as possible and help ensure all of our safety.

– Should our suppliers close, we will only accept devices for repair if we have the part(s) in stock.


Phone: 613-662-3905