O.J. Simpson murder trial witness Kato Kaelin wins Milwaukee Brewers raffle

WATCH ABOVE: Kato Kaelin who became famous for testifying at the O.J. Simspon trial was the recipient of some good luck at the Milwaukee Brewers game on Monday.

Kato Kaelin took home a win at the Milwaukee Brewers game on Monday.

Kaelin, who became famous as a key witness in the O.J. Simpson murder trial, was part of a group that won the 50/50 raffle at the game.

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The Milwaukee native sat down with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to talk about the group’s big win. “I love the Brewers and they were winners, and this just made it so much sweeter that we were winners at the game, too,” he said.

Kaelin enjoyed the game with his brother, who bought the $30 raffle ticket, his sister-in-law and a friend. The group is donating 50% of the $12,411 they won toward charity and the rest will be split amongst the group.

“Bob took the ticket and started reading each number. He said, ‘You guys, you won’t believe this. We have the first six numbers. If the next one is a six, we’re the winners,” Kaelin said.

“He started shaking and dropped his beer, which you don’t do in Milwaukee,” he revealed.

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