Jon and Kate Gosselin custody dispute at orthodontist's office broken up by police

Pennsylvania police had to be called to a local orthodontist’s office when former reality stars Jon and Kate Gosselin got into a custody dispute on Tuesday afternoon.

Authorities were called to the Wyomissing, Pa., office early in the afternoon to address a “verbal domestic dispute over child custody involving one minor (Female/13 years old).”

It’s unclear which of the three female sextuplets was involved in the situation. The Gosselins have eight kids in total — a sextet (three boys, three girls) and twin 16-year-old girls.

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Apparently one of the Gosselin parents drove their daughter to the orthodontist, and then an argument broke out when it came to decide who would be taking her home.

“The call came in at 1:10 this afternoon for a verbal domestic argument … over the custody of one of their 13-year-old daughters,” said a Wyomissing Police Department spokesperson. “No one was arrested and the daughter did go home with the father after she expressed that was her desire to do.”

“There was a fairly lengthy argument as far as both parents had conflicting versions of a child custody agreement,” continued the spokesperson. “Basically, both stated something different and we referred the matter over to our county district attorney. The district attorney then reviewed it … the district attorney’s words were that the order was sufficiently vague to interpret who was supposed to actually have custody today. Both parents read their version of the order and thought they should have had custody of the child today. So, we referred them back to the court system to try and get clarification from the court system on who’s supposed to have the child on certain days.”

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Jon Gosselin has shared physical custody of the eight children, while Kate, 41, has full custody.

Police say Kate was escorted out of the office, but then Jon called the cops again from the orthodontist’s, claiming one of Kate’s friends (a lawyer) was threatening him with legal action. Once police arrived on the scene for this second incident, everyone was gone so nothing was done.

Jon and Kate’s relationship has been rocky in the past, and the exes haven’t hidden their feelings about the other to the media.

“Having an ex-husband who doesn’t see the value in uplifting his children and his family, whether he chooses to be on the show or not, is extremely difficult,” Kate said on The Dr. Oz Show in December. “But I can’t change those things. All I can change is me and my response and what I teach my children about it.”

“I love my children very much,” said Jon in August of 2016. “I’ve always been there for them and I always will be. shocking.”

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The Gosselins’ TLC reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, was a ratings juggernaut, at least at first. Over time their popularity waned, and due to the stress of having eight children and the constant scrutiny of TV cameras, Jon and Kate divorced in 2009.

The series was later renamed Kate Plus 8 in 2010, focusing on Kate as a divorced mother raising all eight children, with Jon mostly absent from the show. Filming was later suspended after Jon’s lawyers delivered letters to TLC, demanding they halt production. He even stopped production crews from walking onto their property.

The latest episode of the show aired in late July, celebrating the sextuplets’ growth into their teenage years.

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