Friday Fails

We are back with another edition of Friday Fails: Social Media Screw-ups where we’ll take a look at 10 hilarious (for all the wrong reasons) and disastrous (for all the right) social shares from the past week.

1) I do NOT think this is how you’re supposed to do it…

Seriously, that looks like it hurt, but what did they think was going to happen?

2) So close, little guy, so close!

I think ferret fails are my new favourite kind!

3) Well, that’s one way to make the beat drop…

I hope party dude is ok, that was one heavy beat!

4) Drinking on the job makes you sloppy

And in some cases, the job makes your drinking sloppy!

5) Mercy, you need to read the card first!

Lord have mercy…

6) Dude…


7) Well, that’s one way to come to a full stop.

Oh, you meant BRAKE not BREAK?

8) My head is strong enough to break bricks!

Unfortunately my balance is terrible…

9) These things double as Sea-Doos, right?

Not at that speed and angle they don’t…

10) Don’t worry, we’re professionals

Professional idiots! 😉

If you have a social media fail you’d like us to share, send an email to with a link to your post.

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