Weekly survey: What band did you get into too late?

Years ago when I was still in high school, an older girl name Sharon asked me to transfer some of her albums from vinyl to cassette. I had the appropriate gear and she was hot, so I was only too happy to help.

She showed up at my house with some Doors albums, a band I’d heard of but never bothered to check out. Within ten minutes of initiating the vinyl-to-cassette transfers, I realized that this was a group I really, really liked. Unfortunately, the group was long gone, its singer dead. All that I could do was dig into the existing Doors catalogue knowing that when it was all consumed, there would be no more.

With almost seventy years of rock’n’roll history, it’s inevitable we discover groups that came before our time, in which case we can be excused for not appreciating them while they were around.

We may have even co-existed with bands without paying them much mind until they broke up. The Smiths were that band for me. I detested their wimpiness while they were around. It wasn’t until they broke up that I realized that they were, in fact, awesome.

Any of this sound familiar? Which artists did you not discover until it was too late?

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