Fresh Top 20 Remix

We’re back with another edition of the Fresh Top 20 Remix where each week we’ll take a look at the Fresh Top 20 list and showcase our favourite remix and talk about both the original artist and the remixer.

This week is a little extra special as we are featuring April 7th’s #3 track…

Bruno Mars & Cardi B – Finesse

Which happens to be a remix/re-release of Bruno Mars‘ original track from his 24k Magic album, featuring some delicious 90s rapping from Cardi B. Seriously, this track is so early 90s it feels like I’m a little kid again getting ready to watch Transformers on a Saturday morning again. If you don’t know who Bruno Mars is, get out from under that rock! Cardi B is an American rapper born and raised in The Bronx, NYC. She got her fame through reality TV and instagram and is only one of two female rap artists to have their debut single to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Anyone else feel like grabbing their Sunsurf windbreaker and tricking out with some devilsticks? I know I do!

Bruno Mars & Cardi B – Finesse (Pink Panda Remix)

Continuing with the 90s feel but moving it a little later in the decade, Pink Panda’s 90’s house-anthem remix of Finesse just screams dirty rave floors, JNCO pants, glowsticks & water bottles. My old scene, in other words! I love how he kept the 90s feel but still managed to bring the track a modern feel. Pink Panda hit the dance scene about 4 years ago and have been steadily rising in popularity and talent. The remix below shows that they know what they’re doing.


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