Humpday Dumpday

We’re back with another edition of Humpday Dumpday where we’ll be bringing you the freshest & funniest memes every Wednesday. Let’s take a look at what’s hot (and what’s NOT) this week…

1) Oh man does this sound familiar…

2) Do your brows even lift, bro? (click for animation)

3) What does it mean to be human?

4) I love her little hop after the first scare (click for animation)


5) Nothing to see here, just a t-rex walking a dog, typical Toronto afternoon.

6) Oh Logan Paul, YouTube will only protect you from so much…

7) Playing the long con, eh England?


8) Agh! My eyes! Get the bleach!

9) For some mid-week motivation…

10) Sorry Zucks, you’re in our sights this week!

11) \m/. That’s so metal.

12) Good guy Principal, right on!

13) Ladies, is this true?!?

14) Bob’s a good guy. Don’t hit Bob.

15) I’d say if you’re that afraid RUN but…

16) Lol, I hope he does


17) Way to “boost” your confidence there, Mark… 😉

18) Hands down my favourite meme template going around right now…

19) Oh… you weren’t supposed to see that.

20) Better than trying to identify them by smell, I guess… :p


What a smug lion. Lol!

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