Weekly survey: If you could go back to see a specific gig from a specific band, what would it be?

Late last year I read a fun book called Every Anxious Wave, the story of failed-indie-musician-turned-bar-owner Karl Bender who discovers that he has a portal in his closet that allows people to travel into the past to see any gig by any band at any time. He ends up running a nice secret side business sending music nerds into the past to see shows they missed or ones they need to see again. This is the basis for this week’s survey question.

If you could go back to see one artist perform a specific gig, who, where and when would that be? I’ve got a couple.

April 16, 1990: Nirvana plays Lee’s Palace with drummer Chad Channing. At the end of the set, Chad is assaulted by a volley of beer bottles, some of which are thrown at him by Kurt. You can hear the shattering glass at the end of this YouTube clip.

August 4, 1979: Led Zeppelin plays Knebworth, one of their last appearances before John Bonham died.

January 30, 1969: The Beatles play their last-ever gig on the rooftop of the Apple Corps building in London.

What would be your time travel destination?

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