To all the guys out there... we need to eat healthier! (Unfortunately)



If you’re a man… PUT DOWN THE CHIPS!

It’s Canadian Men’s Health Week, but apparently, most of Ontario’s male population is not eating right, exercising properly, or sleeping enough. Like, between 50 and 62 per cent of men. Which is a lot.

You can thank our friends at Global News for that interesting fact. They’re getting their stats from the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation.

Now, we’re not at the bottom of the barrel, Manitoba and Saskatchewan share that honour, but it’s good to be aware of. That way you can start getting those healthy lifestyle choices in, just in time for Father’s Day. Instead of getting your dad a new toy this Sunday, get him a gym membership. Instead of cooking him a steak, make him a salad. These are all things I’m sure your dad will be thrilled about!

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