Late pizza is not a good reason to call 911…

I think we’ve all be there; we get really annoyed because someone is late for something. But is the right response to call police?

No. Just no. 110% per cent no. But try telling that to a woman who called the cops because her pizza order was late.

Police literally describe her as ‘hangry.’ She called police from a Rideau Lakes pizza place because her order wasn’t ready when it was supposed to be. Which is not a life-threatening situation or a crime, so it’s not a good reason to call the cops.

And I like pizza as much as the next guy… but not that much. So maybe try this next time; TELL THE GOSH DARN MANAGER THAT YOU ARE UNSATISFIED. Or just don’t go back, and write a bad review on Yelp. Passive-aggressive for the win!


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