South Stormont wants your help naming a park!

What’s the perfect name for a park?

It has to be just right. Something that sums up the spirit of a community, or highlights the importance of someone who lived/lives there. That’s the dilemma in front of the Township of South Stormont right now.

They’re looking for people to submit ideas on what to officially name the ‘Ingleside Community Park.’


And the Township’s Facebook page is getting hit with a ton of ideas!

The problem I’m faced with is that I’m not too familiar with notable people or events from Ingleside or South Stormont. So I did a bit of research into what the park could be named after:

  • Simon Fraser Park. Fraser was a fur trader who actually charted most of BC in the late 1700s. He’s actually buried in South Stormont.
  • Osnabruck Park. Osnabruck was the original name of the townships, I think. (SIDENOTE: I could be wrong about this, please correct me if I’m wrong!)
  • Lost Villages Park. In honour of the flooded villages that ended up leading to the creation of Long Sault and Ingleside.
  • Boom 101.9’s Dan Allaire Park. I heard Dan lives in South Stormont… so why not?

But I know most people from South Stormont might have a better idea than I do. So, if you want to pitch your ideas on what the ‘Ingleside Community Park’ should be officially named, submit them! You have until August 24th to do it! Just click here, read the criteria, and put your idea forward. You can also pick up and drop off a form at Town Hall. I’m excited to see what it will be!

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