How to REALLY go camping: 101

My parents are coming to visit… but they are doing it in true SD&G style! They’re going camping along the Long Sault Parkway!

And I’m super excited for it, and will definitely be joining them for the experience. But, I’m also not the world’s greatest camper… so I’ve been brushing up on some camping tips. According to St. Lawrence Parks, you should:

  • Make a camping checklist, which sets out what kind of clothes, bedding, cooking stuff, toiletries, and other general items you might need. Good thing I live, like, 10 minutes away… in case I forget something!
  • Make sure you have what you need to protect yourself; sunscreen for that bright star in our galaxy that provides us with life, life jackets in case you go swimming, and a first aid kit in case everything goes wrong… or you accidentally cut yourself.

You can find all their tips by clicking here.

But I needed to go deeper… I needed real world tips from the campers out there. And trust me, they didn’t disappoint.

  • The sun starts setting at double-speed as soon as you start trying to set up your tent!
  • As the distance of your hike increases, so too does the weight of your backpack. Travel light!
  • Inviting your camper-neighbours over for a picnic is great way to meet friends. Leaving that food out overnight is a great way to meet raccoons and Yogi Bear!
  • If you have to go head-to-head with an animal, remember that you can use the elastic from your underwear as a slingshot.
  • You need to factor in two things when deciding if you should go out for that late night washroom break: how cold is it outside & how hard it is to get out of your sleeping bag.
  • The best way to get the air out of your sleeping bag when packing up is to run over it a few times with your car!

If you’re looking for some more realistic camping tips, check out the video! And wish me luck as I head out into the great outdoors this weekend!

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