A third tornado hit Ottawa-area, says Environment Canada

WATCH: A witness to the tornado in Gatineau, Quebec on Friday said the powerful storm uprooted trees and ripped parts of the roof off nearby buildings but was over in an instant.

Environment Canada says three tornadoes touched down in the Ottawa-area on Friday, snapping power lines like twigs and lifting roofs off homes.

Here’s how the Ottawa-Gatineau tornadoes formed so quickly

The national weather agency previously said only two tornadoes touched down.

It says the newly discovered tornado was the weakest of the three, and actually happened before the others.

It says the EF-1 category twister touched down at about 4:15 p.m. in Calabogie, approximately 100 kilometres west of Ottawa.

WATCH: Injured Gatineau man describes moments tornado hit

Its winds reached 175 km/h, damaging roofs and uprooting trees.

The other two tornadoes happened less than an hour later, with winds reaching 265 km/h and 220 km/h respectively.

The strongest of the tornadoes — a category EF-3 — formed in Kinburn, and over the course of 40 minutes travelled through Dunrobin and hopped the Ottawa River to Gatineau.

WATCH: Coverage of the Ottawa-Gatineau tornadoes

Cleanup efforts are continuing.

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