Ottawa back to 'near normal' operations, opens community support centres

After three tornadoes ripped through the area on Friday, the city is almost back to normal on Tuesday.

According to the city of Ottawa, all traffic lights are now up and running and OC Transpo is running on a regular schedule — though delays can be expected as the city still has a little recovery left to do.

In order to assist with that recovery, the city has set up two community support centres to help those who were most affected by the storm get back on their feet.

WATCH: Nepean residents start to clean up post-tornado

The support centres will be located in or near the most heavily affected areas in the city. One is at West Carleton Secondary school at 3086 Dunrobin Rd. The second is at the Nepean Sportsplex at 1701 Woodroffe Ave.

According to the city, these support centres will be open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and will have staff from Hydro Ottawa, the Electrical Safety Authority, the disaster recovery assistance program from the Ontario government, the Red Cross, the Insurance Bureau of Canada and several staff from the city of Ottawa, such as forestry services, building code services and Ottawa public health.

On top of that, the city will also offer psychosocial services through the emergency medical assistance team.

Food disposal

Due to the length of time without power, a lot of residents have had food go bad in their refrigerators and freezers. The city has set up several dumpsters throughout the area to pick up food waste so residents don’t have to pile it up outside their homes.

The following locations are where the dumpsters can be found and they will be available until the end of day Tuesday:

  • Minto Sports Complex: 3500 Cambrian Rd.
  • Walter Baker Sports Centre: 100 Malvern Dr.
  •  Richcraft Arena: 4101 Innovation Dr.
  • Kanata Recreation Centre: 100 Charlie Rogers Place
  • Johnny Leroux Arena: 10 Warner Colpitts Lane
  • Pinecrest Recreation Centre: 2250 Tourquay Ave.
  • Nepean Sportsplex: 1701 Woodroffe Ave.
  • Basin Court: 950 Clyde Avenue
  • Tom Brown Arena: 141 Bayview Ave.
  • Hunt Club Community Centre: 3320 Paul Anka Dr.
  • Manotick Arena: 5572 Doctor Leach
  • Richmond Arena: 6095 Perth St.
  • North Gower Town Hall: 2155 Roger Stevens Dr.
  • Conroy Works Yard: 3100 Conroy Rd.
  • Margaret Rywack Community Building: 68 Knoxdale Rd.
    • This location is open until 10 pm on Tuesday, Sept. 25
  • OC Transpo Park & Ride: 650 Earl Armstrong Rd.

How you can help

The city is also asking anyone who is willing to volunteer to help in Dunrobin to go to West Carleton High School. They have staff on site who will be co-ordinating volunteer efforts. Donations are also being accepted by the Red Cross and the Salvation Army is accepting donations of clothes, furniture and other household items.

A third tornado hit Ottawa-area, says Environment Canada

The city encourages anyone who may have sustained damage from the storm to contact their insurance companies first and foremost.

“Most home and business insurance policies cover damage caused by a windstorm or tornado,” says the city on its website. “If you are a renter, contact the property owner and your renters’ insurance company. Your insurance company will give you direction on your next steps and assist with cleanup and debris removal. Protect yourself and co-ordinate everything through your insurance company. Document and take photos of any damage. Keep all receipts related to the storm, such as for hotels, food, pet boarding and supplies.”

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