Patrick Brown defends spending while he sat as independent legislator

TORONTO – Patrick Brown is defending his legislative spending following his resignation as Progressive Conservative leader after a leaked document showed he spent nearly $300,000 on support staff and office operations.

The document from the legislative assembly finance department shows Brown spent $206,956 on support staff salaries, $53,271 on office operations and $16,426 on communications during the brief period he sat as an independent member of the legislature.

Patrick Brown running for mayor of Brampton

The spending report captures expenses by outgoing members in the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

Brown did not run for re-election this spring after being turfed from Tory caucus following his resignation as the party leader amid sexual misconduct allegations he has denied.

Statement of defence served by CTV to Patrick Brown in defamation lawsuit

He says the spending detailed in the leaked document was in line with legislative assembly rules and involved severance payments staff were “morally and legally” entitled to.

The document was leaked days before a municipal election in Brampton, Ont., where Brown is running for mayor.

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