If you want to be a true Newfoundlander, you have to kiss a fish and get "screeched-in"!

If you want to be a Newfoundlander, you have to get “screeched-in”!

If you want to move to Newfoundland, and live the Newfoundlander life, you’ve got to pass a series of tests to do it. It’s called getting “Screeched-In”!

According to a BBC article, it’s not an easy test to pass either:

  • You need to take a shot of Newfoundland spiced rum, known as Screech!
  • You have to kiss a cod!
  • You have to eat a slice of bologna, a piece of hard bread, and a piece of dried squid!
  • You have to play an instrument called an ugly stick, which is a mop or broom handle with a rubber boot at the bottom, a cymbal at the top, and nails with bottle caps and felt tins on the shaft so it makes a lot of noise!
  • You have to say traditional Newfoundland phrases like “Yes b’y” (Yes Buddy) and “Deed I is, me ol’ cock! And long may yer big jib draw!” (Yes I am, my old friend, and may your sails always catch wind.)

I don’t know if I’d have the heart to do all the things… ESPECIALLY KISSING A FISH! But it does get you wondering; what would it take to be “screeched into” Cornwall and SD&G? Eat a whole Cornwall pizza to yourself? Drink a pint of Rurban? Have a coffee from each Tim Horton’s in the city? Say a traditional Franglais phrase? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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