Believe it or not, science says Tetris can help with anxiety!

It seems like we as a society are becoming more aware of mental health struggles, and the challenges they can cause some people. But, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what it takes for someone suffering with a mental health illness to cope with it. But according to a new study by the journal Emotion, Tetris could really help people cope with their anxiety!


In a nutshell, the research went down like this:

  • The researcher wanted to prove that a good way to cope with anxiety is to find distractions.
  • She found out the best type of distraction was the type that created a sense of “flow”, which is like being “in the zone”, engages you and helps you focus!
  • Because the levels get harder and harder as you advance in Tetris, it is the most likely type of game to create a sense of flow, making it the best one at relieving feelings of anxiety/

I have trouble believing this! I love Tetris, but let me tell you that once those blocks start dropping at light-speed, I am stressed to the max!


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