Daughters asks mom to stop blogging about her; mom says no!

As a parent, I’m sure you don’t always do things just because your kids ask you to. Unreasonable requests like “can I stay up all night and eat candy?” probably come to mind. But what if they ask you to keep what they do off the internet? Do you respect their wishes?

That’s the issue in front of US parenting blogger Christie Tate. She wrote an essay for the Washington Post about how her daughter asked her to stop writing about her.


Obviously, when you’re a mom, what you’re kids do is a big part of your life. If you’re a blogger, that would seem like something to write obvious to write about. But, Tate’s 9 year old daughter now knows about it, and wants her mom to stop. And I mean, there are articles and pictures from her toilet training and tantrums on the internet, so it kind of makes sense.

But Tate says she won’t stop, because if she did she would be “shutting down a vital part of her life”.

The problem is, I see both sides of the argument. Yea, the daughter should have a say on what elements of her life show up on the internet. But on the flip side, she’s kind of a big deal in her mom’s life, so it would be hard to stop!


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