Apparently how you've been eating ice cream is super rude!

To all the ladies out there, we have an important PSA coming to us from Turkey; It’s time to stop licking your ice cream and use proper etiquette instead!


This isn’t my advice, but the advice of a “How to be a lady” course being offered in Turkey! It outlines “proper ladylike etiquette” like how to dress, walk and speak. And also how to properly eat ice cream apparently!

The course instructor says women shouldn’t lick their ice cream. But she also doesn’t say why licking ice cream is un-ladylike, or how else to eat it! (Do you bite it?)

Now, I’m no rocket surgeon, but the proper ice cream eating technique revolves around licking the ice cream where it meets the cone, does it not? Biting ice cream just sounds like a sure-fire way to get a brain freeze!

You can read the full BBC article by clicking here!


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