Here are the top 10 foods your co-workers love to steal



Hey people who steal other people’s food at work, YOU ARE LITERALLY THE WORST PERSON EVER. Yeah, I said it.

A new survey found 41% of us have had food stolen by a co-worker before. And 60% of those people said they’ve had to confront a colleague about it!



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The most common type of food terrible co-workers like to steal are: chips, fruit, candy, coffee,  juice,  milk, bread, ice cream, bagged lunch meat and nuts.


But it’s not just your co-workers that like to take your food. Your significant other is the one you really have to worry about.

The survey found the biggest food thieves are your significant other, friends and co-workers.




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I’m sort of okay with my friends and family members stealing my food. but not so much if a co-worker did it.


Do you have a co-worker that STEALS peoples food?!? If you do, have you ever called them out on it?


(NY post)




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