Kraft is set to release Salad Frosting to help get your kids to eat vegetables!

Kraft wants to help you encourage your kids to eat their veggies… WITH NEW VEGGIE FROSTING!

 It’s actually just Kraft Ranch Dressing, but if you lie to your kids, they’ll think it’s frosting and they might be more likely to eat their vegetables! No joke, this is what they had to say about it:

“Innocent lies parents tell their kids help alleviate the pressures of everyday parenting, and if it gets kids to eat their greens, so be it. Simple innocent lies are not only part of parenthood, but a true tactic used by parents everywhere. Kraft Salad Frosting is one lie you won’t feel bad telling your kids.”

P.S. If you use the hashtag #LikeLikeAParent on Twitter you could win yourself some of the new veggie frosting too…

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