New bracelet uses electric shock to literally zap your bad habits away


Amazon is selling a bracelet that will help you zap into a more healthy lifestyle.


If you’re looking to quit smoking, reduce your junk food intake or stop yourself from always sleeping in, engineers at Behavioral Technology in Utah, created the Pavlok bracelet.

The $200 bracelet is a “behaviour training device that works by utilizing Aversive Conditioning.”

The creators of this bracelet say it will help train your brain to associate the bad behaviour with the 350 volt electric shock. So after awhile your brain associates the shock with your bad habit and you don’t want to continue doing that bad habit anymore.



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You can set the device to shock automatically for some of your bad behaviours, or you can get a trusted friend or family member to download the Pavlok app and shock you.



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The Pavlok bracelet was launched back in 2012 but out of nowhere it started to trend online. It currently has some mixed reviews on Amazon, one person said it helped them avoid many drug and alcohol relapses while another person simple said, “Don’t waste your money.”





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