Canadian shopper thought woman's realistic looking halloween skeleton was a dead body so they called the police


99% of people are probable not thinking about Halloween since it’s currently June, but a woman in New Brunswick, that 1%, was thinking about Halloween when this incident happened.

Rachel Schmidt from Fredericton, New Brunswick is going viral for sharing what happened to her earlier this month. She bought a very realistic-looking Halloween skeleton decoration and because it couldn’t fit in her trunk, she put the skeleton decoration in her front seat.  Bad idea.


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After she buckled up her realistic-looking skeleton decoration, she went grocery shopping and left it in the car. Another bad idea.



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When she was done grocery shopping and came back outside, a police officers was looking in her window because someone called the cops after they saw the skeleton and thought it was a real dead body!

It didn’t occur to them it might be Halloween decorations because it’s only June and most people aren’t thinking about Halloween.

Rachel was able clear things up with the officer and shared her story on Facebook.







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