Woman had 34 bridesmaids at her wedding!



34 bridesmaids?!? I don’t even have 34 friends…


A woman who got married on a beach in Florida is trending online for the amount of bridesmaids she had at her wedding.


Casme Carter had 34 bridesmaids at her wedding!



(Inside Edition/Youtube)



She told Inside Edition, “There are so many women I have met on the journey, Why not let them be part of my life?”


Believe it or not, she left a bunch of potential bridesmaids off the list because she only had 3 months to plan her wedding.


She said, “To be honest, it probably would have been more than 34. It probably would have been 50 ladies.”


She continues, “A lot of them know my journey and know how much of a love bug I am. I wanted them to share this day with me.”







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