Couple buys home from 'the conjuring' and now they're being haunted



A couple originally from Mexico recently bought the house that inspired the horror movie, “The Conjuring” and now they’re being haunted.


For some reason, Cory and Jennifer Heinzen thought it would be a great idea to buy the haunted Burrillville, Rhode Island, home.

Cory explained, “We had doors opening, footsteps and knocks. I’ve had a hard time staying there by myself. I don’t have the feeling of anything evil, it’s very busy. You can tell there’s a lot of things going on in the house.”


Well duh! The Conjuring is based on a TRUE story.



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Jennifer added, “This whole journey has been both scary—for many reasons other than paranormal—and exciting all at once. I love that we have the opportunity to share the home with others.”


They plan to preserve the home and do whatever renovations they need to do so tourists can come and stay for a night.


Would you??


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