Owning a dog can lower your risk of an early death



Great news dog owners! Your furry little friend can help lower your risk of an early death.



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According to science, owning a dog (sorry cat owners) can LOWER your risk of an early DEATH by 24%.

Using 70 years’ worth of research, scientist found people with dogs are 24% less likely to die young for any reason.


They also have a 31% reduced risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.  In another study they found people who owned dogs had better health outcomes after suffering from a heart attack or stroke, so they tend to recover faster!



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They did note in the study that maybe “it’s not the dog itself, it’s that people already have a healthier lifestyle before.” Plus when you have a dog, you’re forced to get more active.

One of the clinician scientist said, “If the joy of having a dog is not there, maybe the effect is not the same.” So don’t go out and get a dog if you truly don’t want to take care of it.






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