$3000 nike shoes filled with 'holy water' sell out in minutes



A Brooklyn based design company called MSCHF,  just released a new line of limited-edition Nikes called “Jesus Shoes.”



Why are they called “Jesus Shoes?” Because they’re filled with HOLY WATER.


These white ’97 Air Max Nikes originally cost $3000 but since they sold out in minutes, it’s being resold for even more, i’m talking up to $5000!


They feature a crucifix on the laces, a bible reference printed on them, they’re also scented with frankincense, and have holy water from the Jordan River injected into the soles so you can walk on water like Jesus…




(Jesus Shoes)


If this sounds like a huge joke to you, it sort of is, the brand told the NYP that they came up with the idea as a way to drag and troll “collab culture.”

These shoes aren’t actually affiliated with Nike but that didn’t stop people from spending thousands of dollars on them.










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