When it comes to getting people to eat more veggies, the name really matters!

Let’s face facts; most people don’t get as excited about eating veggies as they do things like mozzarella sticks. So how do you get people excited about getting that daily dose of healthy? The answer is… give them fancier names!

According to new research from the University of Stanford, people are 29% more likely to eat vegetables if they have names like “glazed”, “sizzling”, or even “tavern style.” If words like “garlic” or “ginger” are attached, people are also more likely to nibble on the healthy stuff.

The researchers says it’s because it makes the veggies sound more “indulgent, comforting, and nostalgic” and “increases the expectation of a positive taste experience.”

TLDR; Giving vegetables tasty names makes more people more likely to eat them… who knew?

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