And now, making the comeback nobody wanted... SCURVY!

You can add this to things I didn’t think I’d be writing today; scurvy is making a comeback in the U.K.!

Word is that there were about 167 hospital admissions in the U.K. last year for scurvy… which scientists are saying is because millennials are fussy eaters who prefer bland and limited diets! (They’re actually saying it’s because millennials tend to like a beige diet and stick to things like bread, chips, cake, chicken nuggets and cereal!)

IT’S ALL TRUE! You can read more about it by clicking here.


Now, if you’re unfamiliar with scurvy, it’s a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C. Some of the early symptoms you might have scurvy are:

  • generally feeling unwell
  • fatigue
  • loss of appetite
  • nausea
  • diarrhoea
  • fever
  • painful joints and muscles
  • small ‘pinpoint’ bleeding around hair follicles visible in the skin.

Some of the later symptoms are:

  • swollen, spongy and purplish gums that are prone to bleeding
  • loose teeth
  • bulging eyes (proptosis)
  • bleeding into the skin (severe and easy bruising)
  • scaly, dry and brownish skin
  • very dry hair that curls and breaks off close to the skin
  • slow-healing wounds
  • opening of previously healed scars
  • bleeding into the joints and muscles, which causes areas of swelling over the bones of the arms and legs
  • premature stopping of bone growth (in babies and children).

You can read more about all the things that cause scurvy by clicking here.

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