Mom's halloween-inspired photo shoot sparks backlash



A mom from Oklahoma recently shared a few photos from her Halloween photo shoot on Facebook and she’s now facing backlash for it.

Bobbi Rylant decided to feature her kids, 10-month-old Kamden and 5-year-old Kynadee in her zombie-inspired photo shoot that involved fake blood and brains.

In one of the photos you see 10-month-old Kamden “eating” brains in a metal tub that’s filled with fake blood.

Some are calling these images ‘too gruesome’ for kids to see and be a part of.







A few people have compared her photo shoot to photos to an “abortion scene.”






Bobbi, who is also a part time photographer explained that this photo shoot was “something fun for the kids for Halloween” and that her kids are “very, very well taken care of. This was just for fun.”


She goes on to say, “many people have said that my children should be taken from me and I know that is not true. My kids are the most important things in my life and they are always happy and healthy. I would also like to add that these were very quick shoots. My son was in that bucket for maybe 10 minutes tops.”



What are your thoughts on this mom’s zombie-inspired photo shoot??








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