Is this guy in the wrong? Man refused to stop watching 'game of thrones' on a crowded plane


Over on there’s a section called, “Am I The A**hole?” (AITA), where people post situations that they’re in and get others to decide if they are or not the a**hole in that situation.


One post in that section is getting a lot of attention online from people who are divided on whether or not this user was in the wrong.


So here’s what happened…



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“Two days ago, I was on a long-haul flight. I was sitting in an aisle seat. Since I haven’t seen Games of Thrones yet, I was looking forward to binge watch the first season. I made myself comfortable and set up my tablet.”




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“An hour or two into watching, the woman two rows behind me tipped on my shoulder and told me that I need to turn it off immediately. A little bit confused, I asked why. She told me that her young son could see the show playing on my tablet and it’s totally not suited for such young children because of the sex and violence involved in it.”



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He continues,


“While I agree with that, I told her that I’m not going to turn it off. She then basically told me that I am an a**hole for not considering other people around me. Is she right?”


He also said that he was wearing headphones and the in-flight entertainment system offered a lot of shows and movies that were also not for children.


So is he in the wrong? People are very divided on this. Some people commented that he should have just waited and watched the show at home because it’s a public space and “It’s common sense not to watch sexually explicit shows in public.”

But others say he’s not in the wrong because the show was provided by the airlines and If it bothered her so much she could have switched seats with her child so they can’t see.”



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What do you think?








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