'Love Island' star Mike Boateng's family releases statement about 'police investigation'

The family of Love Island star Mike Boateng issued a statement defending him over claims he is currently under investigation by Greater Manchester Police.

Boateng previously worked for Greater Manchester Police (GMP) as a police constable before resigning ahead of joining the Love Island cast in South Africa to film the hit reality series.

In the statement posted to Instagram, Boateng’s family claims the 24-year-old was the subject of “racist incidents” which lead to “false stories.”

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The family’s statement came after reports claimed Boateng was under “police investigation.”

In the lengthy statement, Boateng’s family claims that they’ve “been informed as a family that certain publications shall release stores of Mike over the next few days regarding his time at Greater Manchester Police.”

“These stories, which shall be released, are false. Despite these publications knowing the stories are completely false, they are still looking to publish them,” his family claims. “In an attempt to add credibility to these stories they have turned up at our family home and harassed our mother in the early hours of the morning.”

The statement continued: “We believe there is a clear attempt to tarnish Mike’s character. Greater Manchester Police have unfortunately chosen not to deny any of the false stories, which shall be released over the next few days. They had previously agreed with us that they would not comment to the press, which is why no stories have been released to date.”

Boateng’s family said that the GMP “have now changed their stance and are releasing a blanket statement which does not outright deny the stories which shall be published.”

The family says that they are “disheartened by Greater Manchester Police’s response to these allegations.”

“In full knowledge that the articles being written are entirely false, they have not risen to Mike’s defence. Mike no longer works for Greater Manchester Police as he resigned after filming introductory videos in preparation for Love Island.”

His family went on to say that Mike had “showed nothing but dedication to GMP. He joined believing the force represented honesty and integrity.”

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Boateng’s family added that Mike was allegedly “subject to discrimination by officers including an incident where he was called a gorilla during a training session.”

“This is a documented incident that took place,” his family alleged. “The officers involved in these incidents were not sacked, however relocated to different departments. Mike has not once spoken out against the police and always tried to portray the force in a positive light.”

“His hope was that in him joining the force, people from BAME backgrounds would in turn join, ensuring diverse representation within the organization.”

His family claimed that if any of the stories to be published were true “Mike would have been sacked as a result of them, which he wasn’t.”

The family’s statement took aim at the UK media.

“It is a shame that the media in the UK constantly choose to portray Black men in a negative light, thus perpetuating stereotypes, which are not representative of most Black males across the country. It is also a shame that an institution established to bring law and order to our country continues to show clear discrimination against young men from a certain demographic,” the statement added.

Boateng’s family said that he will “eventually come out and speak his truth.”

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On Sunday a spokesperson for the GMP said: “Allegations were made regarding an officer in 2019 which are currently under investigation by the Professional Standards Branch.”

“We wish to be clear that any allegations must be investigated thoroughly and we must be fair to both those that have made them and those which are subject to them. There should be no presumptions made until all inquiries have been completed and decisions made,” the statement added.

“It is inappropriate to comment further whilst the investigation is ongoing.”

A GMP spokesperson also addressed the “racist incidents” Boateng’s family alleged in their statement.

“We can confirm that in 2017 a serving officer alleged that he had been subjected to racist behaviour during his initial training with Greater Manchester Police,” the statement said.

“Five officers were placed on restricted duties while the allegations were thoroughly investigated by the Professional Standards Branch. As a result, the five officers were dealt with under the Unsatisfactory Performance Procedure, which is set out in the Police Performance Regulations of 2012,” the statement added.

The statement continued: “There is absolutely no place for racism within GMP. It is important that all our staff are treated fairly and with respect and we have made significant improvements to the diversity of our workforce over recent years.”

“However, we realize the damage these instances can cause and we apologize for any suffering this matter has caused him.”

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Boateng is currently filming the winter series of Love Island.

The 12 single men and women hope to couple up for their chance to win a share of a £50,000 prize.

Love Island is currently airing on ITV and hayu Canada.

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