Titanic's Alternative Ending Has Gone Viral Again and It's Horrible!



Have you seen the ALTERNATIVE ending of Titanic?


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For some reason the alternative ending of the movie has gone viral again and people that just discovered it say it’s TERRIBLE.

The ending we all know has old Rose, revealing that she’s had the “Heart of the Ocean” necklace the whole time. She drops it into the ocean and no one finds out.


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In the alternative ending, Rose shows everyone that she has the necklace Including the treasure hunter, Brock Lovett.  Before she throws it into the ocean,  Brock begs her to let him hold it. She does, but then she throws it over her shoulder into the water below. This ending makes it look like James Cameron wanted Titanic to be some weird comedy movie.






You can check out the alternative ending below, let me know what you think!









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