Doja Cat On Britney Spears Comparisons After Shaving Head

Doja Cat is speaking out against the way the public judge women.

When the musician went under an extreme transformation, shaving her hair and eyebrows, she was met with comparisons to Britney Spears online. In 2007, the pop star also shaved her head which people speculated was part of a mental health crisis.

Doja was disturbed — but on Spears’ behalf.

“It’s so incredibly disrespectful for people to be minimizing what Britney went through and make a joke out of something that was very serious and a big deal in her life. Every time I see a comment like that, I can’t compute what’s happening, other than it’s just an awful thing,” she told Variety.

Clarifying her own hair moment, she explained it as a desire for change in her life.

“But other than that, when I shaved my eyebrows off and I shaved my head, I remember thinking, ‘Get this shit off of me,’ because I needed to change something,” said the artist. “I wasn’t working out and wasn’t really taking care of myself in the way that I wanted to. I was like, ‘I need to do something,’ so I just chopped it all off. And I could see the shape of my head. I could see my whole face. I can see my ears, now that I don’t have a wig that’s glued to my forehead.”

In fact, the “Say So” artist shared her disdain for prosthetic hair.

“I’ve been doing wigs for years,” she continued. “and I haven’t gotten used to it. You wake up in the morning and it’s in your mouth and in your eyes — it doesn’t feel good. It’s stressful if you want to work out, and then it slides off your head while you’re in a public gym. So now you have another responsibility other than taking care of your body. So, yeah, it’s the best choice I’ve ever made, and I’ve never felt more beautiful.

Still, Doja continues to explore her style in colourful wigs.

“And you know what? I still wear wigs, and they look better now because I don’t have so much hair under them, braided with grease and glue buildup because I wouldn’t wash my hair for two or three weeks at a time,” she added. “Now I have a f–king hair hat — a shake-and-go — and I just slap it on and it’s cute and I look like a little ‘Pulp Fiction’ girl.”

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