Taylor Swift’s Piano ‘Breaks’ During Concert

Taylor Swift was forced to make a slight change to her Eras Tour setlist when her piano began to malfunction.

While sitting at the grand instrument during her third show at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts on Sunday, Swift’s piano began playing notes on its own due to technical complications from “a monsoon”-like rainstorm the night before during her second show at the same venue.
“Here’s what happened. So, it rained a lot last night — like a monsoon. To be exact, it rained for three and a half hours straight, and it just kept getting more and more rain,” Swift told the crowd in videos captured by fans. “Literally, it was like a water park under the stage. You have no idea.”

As Swift was seated at the piano for the concert’s surprise songs segment, where she typically performs one mystery song on the keys and one on guitar, the instrument randomly started playing several low notes by itself.

A shocked Swift asked the audience: “Did you hear that? Do you hear the piano?

“I didn’t play that,” she said as the piano went off again. “OK, I’m just gonna do another song on guitar. That’s insane.”

However, before she went on to strum the strings of her guitar, Swift explained how the torrential downpour from the night before complicated her show.

“Long story short, I get to my acoustic set to play last night. You know when you’ve been in a bath for too long and your fingers are so pruned? Like, I looked at my fingers trying to fret and play guitar, and it was like I’d been in a bath for two and a half hours of lukewarm water. It was, like, pruned,” she shared as her piano continued to play notes.

“OK, and so another thing that has happened is that this has clearly broken my keyboard, ’cause it was like literally underwater,” Swift explained. “I didn’t know how any of the instruments were working last night. So, this is broken. I’m just gonna get the guitar. It’s gonna be fine.”

She resumed the show and performed both “I Think He Knows” from her Lover album and the title track from Red on guitar.

Elsewhere on social media, photos and videos shared by concertgoers clearly show the excessive amount of rain that poured down as Swift carried on like a pro. The rain-aesthetic performance marks the second show on the Eras Tour that has rained. Earlier this month, Swift performed in the rain in Nashville.


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Following the Saturday night concert, the “Midnight Rain” singer took to social media to thank the “iconic crowd” for attending the show.
“Last night we all danced together in the rain for THE ENTIRE 3.5 HOUR SHOW in foxy Foxborough MA!!,” Swift captioned a series of photos of herself onstage in the rain. “We’ve had rain shows at Gillette Stadium before but this was a full-on deluge that never let up, I just want to thank that iconic crowd. Love you so much you have no idea.”

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