Fontaine & Associates Inc.

We are still open for business for any new and existing customers but as we continue to do our part to minimize the spread of the virus, visiting our office is still by appointment only. This visitation policy will help us balance the need for social distancing while still being able to provide timely services in an effective manner based on individual circumstances.

Please contact our office by phone, email or fax and we will evaluate your servicing requirements and determine the best course of action to fulfill your request.

Should an office visit be required please rest assured that all our staff have the following guidelines:
· Sterilizing surfaces before and after meetings
· Strict hand washing protocols
· Hand sanitizer is available at each location
· Reduced staff complement at each location (most of our employees are now working from home so the number of staff in each office is much smaller)
· During office visits we will maintain at least a 2 meter distance from anyone.

Tel.: 613-938-8568
Fax : 613-745-2008