Fresh Mornings


My name’s The Panda, but I got by the nickname of Andreas Pandikiu sometimes.
I’m here in Cornwall, but from the G-T-A originally! I’m the world’s least-healthy vegetarian, a Simpson’s connoisseur, a beer drinker, and a bit of a comic nerd!
You can catch me weekdays from 6am to 10am on Fresh Mornings with Vic & The Panda, or likely a pub near you every single weekend! Cheers!



I was born Victoria Arsenault and I go by Vic, V, Victoria… Basically anything but Vicky. I was born and raised here in Cornwall and I’m super excited to be back, co-hosting Fresh Mornings with The Panda! I’ve been all over Southern Ontario and recently did a stint in Saskatchewan, but there really is no place like home. I’m a lover of animals, seafood and music of all genres. Catch me hibernating in the winter and hanging near any body of water in the summer!