Fresh Mornings


I was born Victoria Arsenault and I go by Vic, V, Victoria… Basically anything but Vicky. I was born and raised here in Cornwall and I’m super excited to be back, co-hosting Fresh Mornings! I’ve been all over Southern Ontario and recently did a stint in Saskatchewan, but there really is no place like home. I’m a lover of animals, seafood and music of all genres. Catch me hibernating in the winter and hanging near any body of water in the summer!



I’m a creative down to earth fun guy who enjoys being out in the community. Raised in Brockville Ontario, I spent a portion of my life in Ottawa, and Fredericton New Brunswick developing my talents. I’ve had a passion for music and entertainment since my youth, and have performed with several musical acts over the years. My greatest joy is bringing joy to those who surround me and continuing to grow as a person and a performer.