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What’s up? It’s Mr. D and we’re taking your evenings to the next level with @ Night! An interactive show on the radio that keeps you vibing with great music, exclusive celebrity interviews, and fun conversations starring YOU! That’s right, you get to be the star of the show and can be heard all across Ontario.

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You may know him as Mr. D, or Damian, or just ‘D’, but whatever you call him, he’s been the big voice on radio in the evenings for over 20 years!

D has been rockin’ a microphone since he was 17 years old. His radio career began in his hometown of Toronto and has taken him to Calgary, Kitchener, Ottawa, Cornwall, and Hamilton. He has also hosted hundreds of nightclub live-to-air broadcasts across Southern Ontario over the years and most recently was the host of the Ontario-wide Saturday night mix show, TURN UP!

Mr. D is very excited to bring his energy and nighttime vibes to radio listeners across Ontario every weeknight.

When D is out of the studio, he enjoys taking road trips and discovering new fun spots with his family. You may also find him cheering on one of his beloved Toronto sports teams at a stadium or arena near you. He’s usually pretty easy to find. Just look for the loud guy wearing a fitted ball cap and a jersey with ‘Mr. D’ on the back.


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